Biomedical conferences

Biomedical English courses


It is good to do research, but for research to have an impact on our lives, the results obtained must be shared with the intended beneficiaries. What better way to share scientific results than through conferences?

We plan and organize conferences for biomedical professionals, teachers and students:

  • Our professional conferences are organized to present the results of laboratory optimization and research in biomedical laboratory sciences, and to discuss techniques for writing grant applications.
  • Student conferences cover a much broader range of topics, including resume writing, how to gain laboratory experience, interview preparation, PowerPoint presentations, scientific poster design, and a lot of other topics that can empower students.
  • Finally, our teacher conferences include presentations of general teaching techniques and participatory teaching techniques.

We could make the following statement without knowing your field of work and be 99 percent certain of its accuracy: Most of the critically important articles in your field are in English.
English is an essential tool in scientific research today and learning general English is important but it rarely equips you with the tools necessary to efficiently deal with professional topics. If you need help with that we can provide you a structured learning experience. Otherwise, we also have some articles on our free blog to help you get started.



Our research and consulting firm specializes in medical laboratory optimization. Specifically, we study how better laboratory management, data analysis and human resource organization improve the working environment for laboratory science professionals. Our approach involves pinpointing the effects of even the smallest business decisions by following the typical laboratory sample from collection and processing to result delivery. Metrics tracked include: electricity and water consumption, reagent consumption, efficiency of implemented laboratory information systems and personnel rotation schedules. In summary, laboratory operations streamlining is our game.